Awareness Programme

In-centre services

  • Provide basic education to transgender people regarding their health issuses.
  • Provide awareness to transgender people about their basic rights.
  • Provide information about job related matters to transgenders.
  • Provide condom education and distribution
  • Provide primary health-care curative services and services for stis (stis) based on syndromic management using national guidelines
  • Provide education on sexual health and STI’S(sexuall transmitted infections), and access to acceptable and appropriate services for STI’S
  • Provide access to voluntary counseling and testing services
  • Out-reach services

  • To visit the trans-gender people along road-sides, under the bridges, in public parks and play-grounds, around railway stations and bus stops and at their homes to
  • Tell them about the risk of HIV/AIDS,STI’S
  • Educate them about safe sex so that they may be aware of the spread of HIV/AIDS through sexual activity including proper usage of condoms.
  • Guiding them on available alternative means of employment
  • Providing them access to basic education.
  • One response to “Awareness Programme

    1. Nuzhat Kidvai

      Really good to see the site as well as the program on YouTube. What is so amazing is the way Bindya moves from one meaningful action to the next so effortlessly! Shows commitment. Congratulations GIA & Bindya. Wish you luck with all you undertake!

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