Gender Interactive Alliance (GIA) is an organization working for the equality and civil rights of transgender people in Pakistan.

Transgender persons do not have the same level of rights as other Pakistanis. They are also routinely harassed, face discrimination, and in some cases are subjected to violence simply for being transgender.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the issues concerning transgender people in Pakistan and cultivate a supportive, empowering and non-judgmental environment for them. We hope to achieve the acceptance of transgender people as equal members of Pakistani society. One of the main objectives of GIA is to advocate and facilitate employment for transgender Pakistanis.

There is a whole spectrum of possible gender identities. We use the term transgender as an adjective and a qualifier to describe people who do not identify with conventional male and female gender roles. This adjective is an umbrella term which covers a wide range of possible identities including, but not limited to, intersexual, transsexual, hijra, khwaja sira, butch, cross-dressers, and transvestites.

Among our foremost projects is to  lobby the government of Pakistan for: recognition of transgender people as equal citizens of Pakistan; providing free medical care to transgender people who are routinely denied public healthcare; and enabling entrepreneurship by providing economic opportunities for transgender people who are, by and large, left out of the mainstream economy. We also aim to provide a safe space for these people online so that their stories and experiences are not erased from our collective cultural experience.


1. Social and economic rehabilitation of transgender people in Pakistan.
2. Facilitate employment of transgender people in Pakistan.
3. Achieve social acceptance of transgender people in Pakistan.
4. Protect transgender people from sexual, emotional, physical and mental harassment.
5. Legal acceptance for transgender people in Pakistan.
6. Equality in access to education and healthcare for transgender people in Pakistan.
7. Address stigmas associated with transgender people.

    27 responses to “About

    1. Great seeing this page …

    2. Ali

      Great work Rabayl. Inspiring and encouraging effort . I think more and more legal acceptance and protection laws are the way to make it quick and everlasting.

      Keep it up!

    3. Sahar

      Great effort! Very inspiring!

    4. SM

      a very very bold step in the right direction, please keep it up, the achievements will be sky-high,

    5. S Khan

      Keep these great efforts up, Tomorrow is yours,

    6. Spicy

      Good work by sara gill. Like ur hair style. Keep it up dude.

    7. GIA is doing very well for the betterment of transgenders in Pakistan. I wish for more courage, health and good directions and best wishes for GIA Team members like Bindiya Rana, Sarah Gill, Riffi, Bebo, Sana, Anjo, Nasibo, Rani, Roopa, Zainy, and others. A special thanks to SC and Media for their voice in public.

    8. Tasha

      awesome page and forum,

      tell me how can I be help 2 u guys???

    9. Ali M

      Good work…..keep it up!

    10. Nuzhat Kidvai

      Good content on this page and the site. I like the material on “About” & really like the mission! Hope you get there!

    11. zeeshan

      hi this is zeshan and as i see this is really and amazing work to do as it is the need of the hour .i m here not only to appreciate but i also want to share if any thing i can do i offer my services to join community

    12. Asad

      I very much support rights for transgender people and an end to their exploitation. Please update this page regularly and let us know how can we be of help.

    13. noshay

      app ko hum tv per suna bohat dil ko choo laynay wali batain thee.
      aaj aap logoon ki batain sun kar mairy jaisay log tu bohat roay hon
      gy.meri dua hai k Allah sub ki mushklaat ko aasan kar day.aamin.
      khoosh rahain.

    14. zahra

      i just want to know if we can open a education center for the transgender people,so that they acquire knowledge and live a happy educated life.i want to offer any service i can in the noble cause you all are doing

    15. MALIK

      I appreciates these pplz who works hard for the betterment of TGs. THanks to all team of GIA that they are working in such a nice way
      GOD BLESS U .

    16. Shanila

      This step is very good but gia you are fighting for there rights thats good but do you know this gender are all our streets at night in every stop of defense kindly take action they are spoiling your mission

      • Thanks for your comment. Yes, we are aware that transgender people stand around street corners st night. Our people have to sell their bodies to put an end to their hunger. We are also very sad about this situation. But that day is not too far when all of our people will have jobs and they will be saved from this. We should all pray for their betterment.

    17. Shanila

      I will pray for that day i am happy that you guys doing good job keep it up and open education or skill workshop for them to learn and islamic classes also so they learn the holy quran

    18. shazz

      GIA is doing very well for the betterment of transgenders in Pakistan

    19. Shakira

      I am the only khwaja sira in Brisbane,Australia,
      there are many trans-gurls but not muslims so I face Islamophobia in my own tg community and tg phobia from society as a whole.My lot is a very lonely one,but my problems are insignificant compared to my sisters in Pakistan.May Allah bless you and reward you,for you bring hope and inspiration to us all.
      Allah hafiz

    20. Janhavi Del

      I regularly read with interest and admiration of your struggles for social justice and acceptance for transgenders in Pakistan. I am far away in Australia and can only offer my prayers for your continuing work and the enlightenment of Government.

    21. Sohai

      Good work I am with you

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